Web Security Tuesday

Learn how to build BULLETPROOF πŸ’£ applications, that hackers CAN'T even touch βœ‹ (in just 2 minutes a week).


Take your Web Security to the next level

You build amazing Web applications that people love to use. They are fast and user-friendly. It's time to take security seriously. Web Security model and industry standards are complex and omitted by many developers. Let's upgrade your skills.


What is inside newsletter

Clickjacking, XSS, CSRF, Brute-force attacks, HTTP Headers, OWASP Top 10, hashing, salting, OAuth, cookies, JWT (and much more!) explained in a practical context! ⚑


What is the technology behind

It does not matter if you use Angular or React, Java or Node, Python or .NET. There are many (technology-agnostic) proven strategies to improve Web applications security.


What do members say
"The knowledge bits are very helpful as software development evolves. It's good to keep up with the times."
"Very useful quick tips for Frontend developer. It is hard to find good resources on Security and it is a hard concept. Thanks!"
"I love it! Go on with that :)"


Who is Bartosz Pietrucha
  • Taught hundreds of developers around the World
  • Holds a Master's degree in Computer Science
  • Spoke at conferences like AngularUP, ngVikings, NG-Colombia, JSConf.be, HolyJS and more
  • Worked at companies like Credit Suisse, UBS, F-Secure, Tecnotree building enterprise software
  • Runs WebSecurity Academy program


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